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Motivating Stories of Success and Tested Approaches to Enhancing Your Rankings

Get ready for insights into customers who entrusted their Amazon merchandise to us. Our accomplishments left them with no doubts about why Kaufrank is the ultimate destination for securing a guaranteed top position in Kaufland listings. We're committed to ensuring your product rises to the top, regardless of your competition – or your money back.

Top 10 in 3 to 4 days

Marketplace: Kaufland

Department: Kitchen Appliances

Our client, a kitchen appliances manufacturer, approached us with a goal of improving their product's visibility on Kaufland. Despite offering high-quality products, they were struggling to break into the top rankings.

Within just 4 days, our client's product skyrocketed to the top 10 ranking. This boost resulted in a marked increase in sales and customer engagement with our client having a surge in organic traffic.

Top 1 after 14 days

Marketplace: Kaufland

Department: DIY & tools

A client reached out to us for assistance in securing a top 1 ranking for their recently launched cordless drill. This gave us a chance to highlight our proficiency and illustrate the effectiveness of our services.

In just 14 days, our client's drill shot to the top of search results on Kaufland. This not only grabbed the interest of potential buyers but also set them apart from well-established competitors.

Top 1 on the 13th day

Marketplace: Kaufland

Department: Electronics

A client's powerbank product faced difficulties gaining traction on the Kaufland platform. Our team was committed to enhancing their visibility and addressing their obstacles.

Utilizing our tailored Kaufland boosting techniques, our client's powerbank surged into the top 1 rankings by the 13th day. This elevated exposure effectively broadened our client's reach to prospective buyers.

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